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Ordering team members

After you created and assigned a couple of team members you may want to order them. To do this you have to go to your Team page. By default the members are ordered by their name but you can easily change this by selecting a different option from the ‘Order by” select list (3).

We have 4 ‘order by’ options

  • By Name
  • By Date
  • Random
  • Drag and Drop

Also, when name or date are selected we have the option to order the list (4) ascending or descending.

When drag and drop is selected you can re-order the team members (1)  by dragging them to a different positions. You can also remove team members from the team by clicking the trashcan (5) or you can add new members by clicking the select list “Add member”(2)

3 Ordering team members in the team


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